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Okay, so this is cool. There are a lot of "build your own" toys on the market... and they're great. I grew up on them. K'nex, Erector Sets, they're the bomb. They were 20 years ago & they still are today.

But an electronics kit?! YASSS!

littleBits is an easy to use electronic building block, making hardwiring much more accessible to kids... in the classroom or at home!

The littleBits pieces snap together with magnets and instantly create a working circuit! They offer kits with step-by-step directions to get started in building your very first invention... but all the Bits are modular, so every piece works with every piece, even from a different kit. The possibilites are endless!

"Whether you're an educator inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers, a parent building STEM/STEAM skills with your kids or a DIYer prototyping your next big idea, we'll help you unleash your creativity with our easy-to-use electronic building blocks."

There's even a community of littleBits Global Chapters all around the world! These Global Chapters are part of their global outreach to put the power of electricity in the hands of everyone, regardless of age, gender, technical ability, & language. You can join an existing Chapter in your area where you'll learn new skills & attend workshops or you can start your own Chapter where you'll get free training & tons of support to get your group off the ground!

Are you an educator & want to bring littleBits Back to School? "Reinvent your classroom or school library this fall with their easy-to-use electronic building blocks. Empower your students to both understand and recreate the world around them! Color-coded electronic Bits encourage exploration, experimentation and creativity. Learning by doing provides in-depth understanding of concepts with application to real-life scenarios. Foster group problem-solving and teamwork with project-based learning and engaging design challenges. Be a part of a global community of innovative educators who are changing the world."

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In America, & throughout the world, women are drastically underrepresented in STEAM fields, as well as in positions of power & influence.  We must do our part to begin to narrow the gap!  #WomenInSTEAM is dedicated to celebrating the women who are making their mark in the world... standing tall in a crowd of men & innovating in ways that energize us all.  Ladies, let's inspire the next generation of girls!  Lets show them that smart is beautiful, confidence is key, and independence is living! 

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