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Supermodels in science?! Don't hear that every day... but today just happens to be that day!

As young girls grow up into women, their confidence in male dominated fields starts to dwindle, due to so many factors. Media, as so well explained in an absolutely stunning documentary Miss Representation, plays a huge role in that lack of confidence & the purely physical focus on women that is all too common.

The epitome of this very problem is the concept of a "supermodel". Someone who is SO beautiful that they are idolized for their looks. These women are discovered as girls & catapulted into a life of beauty & stardom, all for wearing beautiful clothes beautifully and being born with whatever body type is currently sellling for the highest price. And of course, skipping college in order to ride the wave. (No, this is not always the case, but it often is.)

Karlie Kloss.

Supermodel, bestie to Taylor Swift, & girl who codes. It DOES exist!

"Coding classes have made such an impact on Karlie Kloss' life that now she wants teen girls to have the chance to take them, too. Thanks to her latest project, a handful of them got that chance without worrying about the cost.

The model announced on Instagram that she is partnering up with the Flatiron School to offer 20 girls the #KodeWithKarlie Scholarship. According to the scholarship website, the money will cover tuition for recipients to take Flatiron Pre-College Academy’s two-week Intro to Software Engineering course, the same one Kloss took herself a year ago.

During the summer course, students studied a programming language called Ruby and learn how to create an app. Ten of the scholarships are available at the school’s New York City location, while the other 10 are available in locations across the country. Girls 13 to 18 in high school can apply by uploading a video telling Kloss why they want to learn to code."

"For Kloss, learning to code is especially important for women. In a video announcement of her scholarship, the healthy cookie expert explains that extending this experience to young girls will impact their lives now as well as help them have a say in their future."

Kloss says, “code is only going to continue to play a major role in defining our future. I think it’s crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we, as young women, have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like.”

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Source: Flatiron School, Huffington Post

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In America, & throughout the world, women are drastically underrepresented in STEAM fields, as well as in positions of power & influence.  We must do our part to begin to narrow the gap!  #WomenInSTEAM is dedicated to celebrating the women who are making their mark in the world... standing tall in a crowd of men & innovating in ways that energize us all.  Ladies, let's inspire the next generation of girls!  Lets show them that smart is beautiful, confidence is key, and independence is living! 

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