Real Life Bio-Dome!

Okay, who doesn't love "Bio-Dome"?! Well, if you were an immature and totally ridiculous teenager like me, then you feel me on this one.

Nowww, try to wrap your brain about that becoming a reality. A group of people, hermetically sealed in a dome, for a year. All in preparation to send people to MARS. To live there! Yeah. Crazy.

Missions to the International Space Station typically last 6 months, but a group of three women & 3 men are testing the isolation & human exploration issues that would be associated with a year long mission to the Red Planet. Could you imagine?! Uh-mazing!

"A team of Nasa recruits has begun living in a dome near a barren volcano in Hawaii to simulate what life would be like on Mars. The isolation experience, which will last a year starting [last] Friday, will be the longest of its type attempted.

Experts estimate that a human mission to the Red Planet could take between one and three years. The six-strong team will live in close quarters under the dome, without fresh air, fresh food or privacy. They closed themselves away at 15:00 local time on Friday (01:00 GMT Saturday). A journey outside the dome - which measures only 36ft (11m) in diameter and is 20ft (6m) tall - will require a spacesuit.

A French astrobiologist, a German physicist and four Americans - a pilot, an architect, a journalist and a soil scientist - make up the Nasa team."

Each volunteer will have their own bed & even their own desk, but living in tight quarters FOR A YEAR will come with a whole other set of challenges, aside from their diet of canned tuna & powdered cheese. BLAH!

Check back in 359 days for an update. 😁

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Source: BBC

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