Take a Seat, Any Seat!

Talk about submissive! These chairs have no opinion of their own, what they do with their lives is totally up to you. You know me- I would never condone not having your own point of view... but in this case, we'll let it slide.


These sculptural pieces of furniture will be whatever you want them to be & are made of sliding foam bars & a beautiful wooden frame. Designed by Keren Shiker, you can adjust the foam inserts to your desired positioning every time you sit down & are comfortable & user friendly for adults & children!

Are you in the mood to lounge or sit up strait? Need arms rests or could you use a little more wiggle room? Tall, short? Big, small? Whatever you need, this chair will give it to you! And when you aren't using the piece, this "Sink In" piece will sit beautifully as a sculptural piece in your space, however you decide to style it! Each high concept, made to order piece will run you about $700. Enjoy!

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In America, & throughout the world, women are drastically underrepresented in STEAM fields, as well as in positions of power & influence.  We must do our part to begin to narrow the gap!  #WomenInSTEAM is dedicated to celebrating the women who are making their mark in the world... standing tall in a crowd of men & innovating in ways that energize us all.  Ladies, let's inspire the next generation of girls!  Lets show them that smart is beautiful, confidence is key, and independence is living! 

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