This Boxing Studio Design is a Knock-Out!!!

I love boxing. Impact sports in general are an important addition to your workout routine, giving your body a physical test unlike anything else. It will really transform your upper body, particularly in women, give it a go! But boxing gyms... blah! They're just stinky, sweaty, smelly places. The gloves they provide you are AWFUL! You can scrub your hands and forearms multiple times and still smell the funk of other peoples' juice all over your skin. It's dis.gusting. Seriously, invest in your own pair. These are my favorite gloves- They still provide the knuckle padding of a regular boxing glove but are open at the palm letting your hand breathe and the sweat evaporate a bit, rather than just pooling inside your gloves, and make it easier to get down and do pushups or grab a TRX handle for example.

But THIS boxing studio... WOWZA! And this bad boy is underground. No windows. That's a whole other level of design difficulty! Tell me you wouldn't wrap up and kick some butt in this space!

"In Taipei, Taiwan, local designer and principal of MW Design, Michelle Wei, has conjured up a dramatic environment for Boxing+ Wellness Center."

"Located on the basement level of an industrial building, the entire space of 562 square-meters (6,050 sq.ft or 170 Taiwanese Ping) has an aura of dark strength without being boring or off-putting in a predictable over-masculine way."

"Instead of the stereotypical solutions of lots of black fake leather, neon lights, tile, metal and functional but unimaginative showers, lockers and common areas, Wei has used environmentally friendly plywood, metal mesh, black iron, and recycled timber to create a sense of low-key elegance. The interior design supports the goal of Boxing + Wellness to be a comfortable space that suits both male and female guests of all ages who wish to learn and enjoy boxing."

"The shoe lockers located under the entrance staircase are made of recycled timber, and wood paneling is used in the reception desk and several other feature areas as warm accents. The shower rooms’ gray floral tiles and light gray marble countertops add a feeling of luxury and pampering for the guests after their vigorous exercise."

"With the help of Chubic Lighting, Wei has also incorporated dramatic lighting in many areas. The main lockers have grey doors and each has its own spotlight for both exclusivity and a bit of stage-show drama. During match nights, multi-color lights focus on the ring producing a professional-like experience for the audience and the boxers."

Photography by Figure x Lee Kuo-Min Studio

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Source: The Cool Hunter

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