The PROBLEM with Girls in Science...

So imagine... you're at a national, publicized event for puppies. Who doesn't love puppies?! Then, your dumba$$ gets up on the stand and talks about how much you don't like puppies & you think they should be isolated from the rest of the world. Stupid, right? I mean, you're askin' for it...

Let me introduce you to Sir Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize-winning (in recognition of his work on the cell cycle which hugely advanced cancer research) biochemist. Smart dude. Well, book smart anyway... not the brightest crayon in the box though, that's for sure.

"In early June, Sir Tim Hunt was asked to speak at a luncheon sponsored by the Korea Federation of Women’s Science and Technology Associations at a science communications meeting in South Korea.

What he said there is now Internet history. He made a series of sexist comments, saying that the problem with “girls” in science is that they fall in love with the men; the men fall in love with them; and when you confront them, they cry. He then went on to suggest labs should be single-sex."

"Then [the shit] hit the fan. For one thing, on Twitter, news of his comments went viral very rapidly. The hashtag #distractinglysexy went viral, an amusingly tongue-in-cheek way for women to mock the idea that women are too emotional or liable to fall in love in the lab. For another, Hunt was asked to resign from his honorary position at the University College London. He also resigned from the board of the European Research Council and the Biological Science Awards Committee of the Royal Society.

Mind you, he is a retired professor, and was not fired or asked to resign from any paying positions. He lost no employment over this, despite some people claiming otherwise."

Of course, Hunt has since said that he meant the comments as a joke.... yeah. Sure, bro.

My response... well, Dr. Emily Grossman says it best.

Source: CNN, Slate


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In America, & throughout the world, women are drastically underrepresented in STEAM fields, as well as in positions of power & influence.  We must do our part to begin to narrow the gap!  #WomenInSTEAM is dedicated to celebrating the women who are making their mark in the world... standing tall in a crowd of men & innovating in ways that energize us all.  Ladies, let's inspire the next generation of girls!  Lets show them that smart is beautiful, confidence is key, and independence is living! 

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