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WomenInSTEAM's Mission: In America, & throughout the world, women are drastically underrepresented in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) fields, as well as in positions of power & influence.  We must do our part to begin to narrow the gap!  #WomenInSTEAM is dedicated to celebrating, encouraing, & assisting the women & girls who are making their mark in the world... standing tall in a crowd of men & innovating in ways that energize us all.  Friends, let's inspire the next generation of girls!  Let's show them that smart is beautiful, confidence is key, and independence is living! 

How it began: WomenInSTEAM started as a blog in July of this year... but has quickly turned into SO much more.  With thousands of social media followers & arms stretched wide into the community, we see the potential of something MUCH bigger.

WomenInSTEAM, A Non-Profit Organization: There's a lot of GOOD we can do with this!  Our main objective is to create a WomenInSTEAM Scholarship Fund- this scholarship will be given to one or more deserving girls entering college in a STEAM profession.  Girls who have worked hard, made perfect grades, have been involved in extracurricular STEAM activities/programs, & who have made an impact in their communities, will submit applications to recieve the scholarship.  This is the start of something big, something that will make a difference, and something that can be carried on for generations. 

Through the WomenInSTEAM Non-Profit, we also have our sights set on a few smaller objectives right from the start... WomenInSTEAM works closely with the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, who fund the materials/challenges of the RoboChicks, a group of Girl Scouts who are placing nationally in robotics competitions often dominated by boys.  The RoboChicks travel for their competitions... WomenInSTEAM would love to support their efforts.  In addition, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta need an additional car charging station for the multiple electric cars at their headquarters... WomenInSTEAM could help!  The opportunities to make a difference & encourage young girls to be STEAMers are endless. 

How we'll use your generosity: Apparently it's not cheap to start a non-profit.  We're doing this once & we're doing it right... and to do so, our attorney will oversee the entire process & set us up for success.  But attorney's cost money.  The donations you give will go directly to paying the legal fees associated with properly establishing the WomenInSTEAM Non-Profit Organization.

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